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Broken Spring Repair

Garage doors are heavy. At a minimum, your garage door weighs 130 pounds if it’s a single and up to 400 pounds if it’s a double garage door with wood or glass components and insulation. Garage doors use torsion prints to help offset the load of your door and make your garage door opener’s life easier.

Signs of a Broken Spring

The more obvious signs of broken garage door springs can be observed visually. A physically broken spring can be quite obvious, as can a door that suddenly slams shut. Less obvious signs include a door that opens crooked, unusual noises while opening and closing, and slow operation of your automatic garage door opener. All these symptoms can indicate a non-catastrophic spring failure.

Some interesting facts about your garage door springs

  • Springs are the Most Common Repair Item on your Garage Door
  • Springs can last 20,000 Opens and Closes
  • There are Two Types, Torsion Springs and Extension Coils

Next time your garage door starts acting up, call the Garage Doc and find out if your garage door is not feeling well for one of the common garage door ailments, a broken spring.