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Garage Door Opener

Not all garage doors openers are created equal. When choosing the type of garage door openers to install in your home, many factors need to be considered. That’s why the Garage Doc is at your beck and call to offer advice that keeps your garage healthy and secure.

Garage Door Opener Horsepower Ratings

Generally speaking, garage door openers are divided into three different horsepower ratings. The lowest is one-third horsepower and should be used on small, lightweight steel garage doors that typically store one vehicle. The second lowest is one half-horsepower, and the maximum width garage door this opener should be used on is approximately twelve feet. And finally, the three-fourths horsepower motor will be used on the heaviest doors, including those made from non-typical materials like solid wood. Anything over three-fourths horsepower is reserved for oversized and industrial doors.

Some things to consider when picking a garage door opener:

  • Garage Door Opener size
  • Belt or Chain-Driven
  • Garage Door Weight

Call the Doctors today at Garage Docs, and we’ll keep your garage door opener healthy for years to come.