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Garage Door Parts

The Garage Doc is your resource for all garage door parts, service, and guidance. We have a PHD in Garage Doors (Physically Healthy Door) so that we can provide all necessary consultation regarding how to maintain your door and come to the rescue if your garage door fails and leaves you in need.

Common Garage Door Parts

Garage doors consist of several parts that all work together. Section joints allow the panels to fold and bend around the curved track. Bottom brackets attach at the lowest part of the door and serve as a connection point for the cables to lift the door. Cable drums are circular and provide a point of rotation for the cables and attach to torsion springs. The torsion springs themselves aid the garage door opener in its operation. And finally, every part runs on the hanger track, which guides the door up and down. We know how to perform surgery on all of these parts so they are repaired for good!

Most Used Parts On A Garage Door

  • Section Joints
  • Hanger Track
  • Extension and Torsion Springs
  • Bottom Brackets
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Cable Drum

Whichever part you need, the Garage Doc has it or can get it to keep your garage door operating safe and smooth.