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LifeStyle Screens: Transform Your Garage

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LifeStyle Screens

Get The Airy Space You've Always Wanted

Homeowners across the nation are taking back their homes' potential with Lifestyle Screens, the most intuitive, durable garage screens on the market. With Lifestyle Screens, you can take that tired, dusty garage and transform it into the airy space you've always wanted. Whether it's a safe, supervisable party space for the kids or a relaxing, sunlit haven for the parents, the possibilities are endless. And that's the beauty of Lifestyle Screens: you're the designer. We just provide the goods. With Lifestyle Screens you‘ll maximize the space in your home while also increasing your home's curbside appeal.

It's As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Our easy-to-use, spring-loaded screen system runs on maintenance-free tracks independent from those of your garage door. Screens come in various color options, including white, brown, and sandstone, so you can coordinate with the unique aesthetic of your home's exterior, and screens are available in both fiberglass and PVC-coated polyester. And our optional door-within-a-door feature offers easy in-and-out access.

Durable, elegant Lifestyle Screens offer homeowners the added space and versatility they crave at a fraction of the price of traditional home renovations. It's not just a screen, it's a Lifestyle.